Stéphane Desneiges

Manager - Barnes Menuires

Meet Stéphane Desneiges,
a mountain enthusiast
since childhood

You don’t just stumble upon the Vallée des Belleville in the French Alps! Whether you’re looking for ideal skiing conditions in winter or a vast choice of hiking trails in the summer, your profile as a demanding connoisseur of winter sports or an enthusiastic fan of mountain activities is why you have decided to enjoy a stay at over 5,900 feet of elevation. Welcome to the Trois Vallées ski area, which also includes Les Ménuires, Val Thorens, and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

From ski touring in the wilderness to mountaineering in the Vanoise National Park where you can climb Savoie’s finest peaks, and from off-piste skiing in the powder of the Trois Vallées to ice climbing and rock climbing, the choice of fun-filled activities is almost endless!

From downhill mountain biking to adventure courses, from canyoning to white-water rafting, and from gentle walks to strenuous hikes to discover Alpine animals, indulge in some great adventures and unforgettable memories!

Stéphane Desneiges, Barnes Menuires Manager

A taste for beautiful things and good advice

This is how Stéphane Desneiges, a former seasonal worker who has been passionate about the mountains since he was a boy, describes the qualities of Les Ménuires and the surrounding resorts.


A real, solid pillar you can rely on

A sense of service and support

As a qualified interior architect by trade, he has a taste for the finer things in life and a wealth of advice to offer, especially when it comes to renovating your home. His network is vast, as the Lyon native has lived all over the valley for more than 25 years. He knows the right craftspeople and contacts you can trust, and will be able to guide you through every stage of your project. Whether finding the right vacation rental to meet your criteria, identifying the property you want to buy, making financial and legal arrangements, or organizing rental and property management services, Stéphane will be reliable pillar throughout the entire process.

So what is it that sets the Vallée des Belleville apart from the others?
According to Stéphane, it’s the charm of the small, tucked-away villages, filled with gems waiting to be renovated by someone looking to settle down for the future.

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