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When you visit the Barnes agency in Méribel, you will probably bump into Julien Colletas. If, by chance, you are looking to buy a property and he invites you to join him in his office to discuss your project further, prepare to take a walk down memory lane, recounting your favorite vacation stories as you develop a unique professional relationship. Needless to say, Julien takes the time to understand who you are and exactly what you are looking for. Introducing Julien Colletas, a man who focuses on people first. You’re in great hands.

Cédric Combes, Delphine Charvin and Julien Colletas

Travel forges the youth

Having graduated from the Lille EDHEC business school, the London School of Economics with a Real Estate qualification, and a four-year diploma in online marketing, this is one smart cookie with countless dreams and projects! Julien has spent years traveling through Asia, learning Mandarin and Thai while perfecting his English – which he now speaks fluently. While the French philosopher Montaigne once said that “travel forges the youth,” Julien has made this saying his motto and a way of life, a credo that has nourished him and shaped his goals. He feels perfectly at home in Indonesia, as well as in Vietnam. When he talks about certain places, books he read while on his adventures, or the different experiences he had, the fragrances and music of these destinations will seem to dance right in front of you. Alternatively, if you have no connection to these regions, Julien will lead you through your imagination to conjure up the most exceptional images. Needless to say, this man has a deeply entrenched passion for exploring the world. He will listen attentively to your stories and will indulge his curiosity by asking you questions. Sharing your favorite spots and places will inspire him, as his passport is always within arm’s reach! His plans constantly involve setting out to discover the great outdoors and authentic landscapes – the wilder the better. His next adventure will be travelling through Argentina from North to South, and even further to the icy stretches of the Antarctic.

investing in Méribel means finding an answer to the ever-important question: “Am I about to acquire a reliable asset?”

Investing in Méribel

Swapping stories with Julien is a matter of course, as he also knows hotspots such as a little restaurant accessible by horse-drawn carriage, which he will be sure to recommend for an unforgettable afternoon on a sunny terrace. However, discussing assets, investments, and finance is a frank, professional affair. After all, investing in Méribel means finding an answer to the ever-important question: “Am I about to acquire a reliable asset?”


Diversifying your portfolio in the right way

As Julien would say, a second home is an investment that will diversify your portfolio. This is particularly relevant in Méribel, as this destination makes it easy to increase your property’s value year on year, provided that you have acquired the “right” property at the “right” price, therefore enabling you to expect great returns coupled with the great feelings and good times that the resort offers. This will be an investment that goes down in your family’s history; 25 years on, your children will remember everything they experienced and shared in Méribel, and will pass it on to the next generation. This property is a transmitter of positive emotions, a family meeting place, and a setting for precious moments where your nearest and dearest can flock when the kids are studying abroad, gathering around the warm fireplace, and celebrating reunions and family life whatever the season.

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