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Step into the Barnes Méribel branch mulling over that classic childhood refrain, “If you please…draw me a sheep!” and walk out with plans that meet all your expectations – quite the contrast with French author Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s philosophical tale, The Little Prince, published just 80 years ago, which questioned the concepts of creation, perception, and interpretation of the mind

Cédric Combes, Delphine Charvin and Julien Colletas

Inspired by the constructions taking shape under his curious eyes

Cédric is a “Savoie lad from the plains,” as he likes to say. From an early age, he accompanied his father to the construction sites of the real estate developments springing up in the area, a helmet firmly on his head and wearing his seven-league boots. Inspired by the structures taking shape under his curious gaze, he developed a passion for drawing plans and dreaming up houses, apartments, and buildings “inside and out,” leaving no detail to chance. It came as no great surprise when, after graduating with a law degree, he was hired by an architecture firm in Chambéry to develop project briefs with clients. His responsibilities included defining needs and expectations within given budgets and technical constraints, combined with reviews of initial sketches, after which he would present the lead architect with a semi-finished preliminary project.Work makes people grow, and this is what counts the most. Passion is essential to succeed in the constantly evolving real estate sector – whose changes span both standards and materials – and seeing his clients’ dreams come true inspired Cédric to push his limits even further…

Seeing his customers' dreams come true pushes him even further

From Maroc to Sénégal

This motivation saw him set off for Africa, where he spent four years pursuing his career, perfecting his skills, and expanding his areas of expertise. From Morocco to Senegal by way of Guinea, Mauritania, and the Gambia, he drew up plans and worked with various architecture firms on a range of construction projects, from single-family homes to soccer club training centers and social housing.


Responsible real estate in Méribel

After returning to France and his native plains, he became a condominium manager, then a sales manager for the three local Barnes branches in Méribel, Courchevel, and Les Ménuires. Cédric’s vision of the future is focused on the energy sector, as the transition is well underway and “responsible real estate” remains at the forefront of innovation. Numerous financing solutions are emerging in this area, encouraging us all to think differently about housing. Needless to say, property development still has a bright future ahead!

There is something exceptional about Méribel. The resort boasts a vast choice of new developments, and Cédric has mastered all their technical and legal aspects. At the Barnes agency in Méribel, you will find the answers to all your questions as you start to sketch out your future. And if you need a quiet place to reflect, make your way up to the Refuge de la Traye, where everything will become clear.

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