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Manager- Barnes Courchevel

Meet Emilie Bernard,
a radiant personality

Whether you are looking to buy a property, find your next vacation spot in Courchevel, or entrust the management of your assets to a real estate professional, Emilie Bernard will be there to guide you every step of the way. Meet one of the resort’s leading personalities. Quoting Thomas Aquinas when he spoke of humankind’s main qualities, she says of Courchevel that “It is better to illuminate than to merely shine.”

Pauline Herault and Emilie Bernard

An address book to meet all your needs

Having moved to Courchevel from Nantes around eight years ago, Emilie has developed a solid social and professional network, which she uses to adapt her recommendations to any situation. She has also developed her curious nature to carve out a place for herself in the chic 3 Valleys resort. If you ask her where to go out, what the trendy restaurants are, or which of the latest collections from couturiers, designers, and jewelers are in fashion in the village, Emilie will be able to give you all the answers you need. Above all, she can recommend some exceptional spots to enjoy the resort’s après-ski offering. Courchevel, which she loves both by day and night, in summer and winter, is the ideal setting for this avid skier and hiker, who spends her free time enjoying nature, the unobstructed views, alpine paths winding through the trees, and the Courchevel golf course.

“It is better to illuminate than to merely shine”

A range of skills and knowledge

Working with a demanding, premium clientele who flocks to Courchevel in winter and Saint-Tropez in summer, Emilie has mastered the codes of luxury lifestyle thanks to her profession. Having become an expert in the management and organization of the agency’s activities, and thanks to her incredible people skills, she has several strings to her bow. As a result, she can provide comprehensive, bespoke, high-end services, including welcoming visitors, organizing concierge solutions, and offering advice and information on acquisitions, sales, and asset management.

Make progress on your vacation and investment plans with the support of Emilie Bernard. You’re sure to be won over by her commitment and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market.

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